Digital Skills for Teachers: Problem Solving

Problem Solving (App/Website: Padlet)

When it comes to Maths and Science Singapore heads the table, followed closely by Hong Kong while the UK is in 20th place, among higher achieving European countries, with the US in 28th. (OECD economic think tank report 2015)

Your challenge is to attempt one of the problem solving questions from a Singapore Maths paper, this question was aimed at students aged about 15 taking part in Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiads (Sasmo). It asks you to guess the birthday of a girl called Cheryl using the minimal clues she gives to her friends, Albert and Bernard.

These kind of problems can be used to stretch the better students to sharpen their analytical powers.

The challenge Padlet board

What is Padlet?

Padlet is a free, online “virtual wall” tool where users can express thoughts on topics of their choice. It’s like a piece of paper, but on the Web.

Why would you want to use it?

  • to brainstorm ideas from a class
  • to pose a homework question
  • to collate research on a topic
  • to gauge understanding on a topic
  • to test student knowledge
  • to curate website links
  • to share information to an audience

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Digital Skills for Teachers: Classroom Democracy

Feedback and Class Democracy (App/Website: Answer Garden & Twitter)

Your challenge is to “Plant a Question… Grow an “Answer Garden””.

Firstly, come up with a question, the question must be something that relates to “closing the gap” in education. Once you have one in mind, simply create a new Answer Garden and share the URL via Twitter. There is a simple guide included if you need it.

What is Answer Garden? It is an excellent way to pose an interesting question, get feedback or get your class voting on class topics. Answer Garden is a web-based polling/survey tool that allows users to create and publish a question.  Once visitors submit answers, they are immediately displayed as tags in a basic word cloud.  Data can also be exported to Wordle to create a more visually appealing word cloud. What’s more—a QR code is generated for each AnswerGarden. How cool is that? AnswerGardens can even be embedded into web sites, wikis, blogs and/or social networks.  Just create a question, include the embed code on your site and there you have it—a growing tag cloud right on your page!

Good luck with your challenge!